Cost Reduction

Powerful and innovative testing media offer cost reduction in many areas in the supply chain – not only to the purchasing department.

The mixtures of concentrates are often determined individually by users, according to the testing problem. The use concentration by changing to PFINDER APELUX® could be reduced in many cases due to the well-balanced compositions of our products. This means a direct reduction of the consumption.

The durability of a suspension, i.e. the preparation of magnetic particle concentrate with carrier fluid, can vary extensively due to composition of the product. PFINDER APELUX® magnetic particle concentrates provide long lifetime by reason of excellent suspendability, high resistance against bacteria and optimized foam properties.

Corrosion Protection
The product range of PFINDER APELUX® offers test media with standard corrosion protection and modifications with premium corrosion protection properties for outside storage (roofed) up to 4 weeks. Through these additional conservation steps, corrosion protection oils can mostly be left out.
The compatibility of the PFINDER APELUX® 1017/x product range with VCI-foils of EXCOR® VALENO® by EXCOR was tested positively. The combined use can be recommended for perfect corrosion protection.
Please, do not hesitate to ask us: We would be pleased to analyse your process to determine potentials of cost reductions.