OmniScan MX2

OmniScan MX2 Flaw Detector


The OmniScan MX2 phased array flaw detector with touch screen interface offers increased testing efficiencies and powerful software features, ensuring superior manual and advanced AUT application performance with fast setups, test cycles, and reporting. It is compatible with all existing phased array modules.

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TomoScan  FOCUS LT

The TomoScan FOCUS LT is designed for most demanding automated and industrial inspection systems for both conventional UT and phased array with multiple probe configuration. It is controlled by the versatile TomoView software.

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OmniScan MX PA

OmniScan MX PA Flaw Detector

The OmniScan PA performs manual and automated phased array inspections. It offers full-featured A-scan, B-scan, S-scan and C-scan displays, and advanced real-time data processing. Configurable in 16:128 elements, also 16:16M, 16:64M, 32:32, and 32:128

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