Metal-Halide High Intensity Light Source ILH-2A / ILH-2B

With three times the intensity of its predecessor, this high-output light source is ideal for observing large spaces.


Voltage 100-230 V AC 12 V DC
Power consumption 100 W
Dimensions 173(W)×85(H)×235(D) mm
Weight 3.0 kg


The ILK-M1 light source is specifically designed for use with X Series Small Diameter Borescopes. It is battery powered and uses a 2.5V lamp.


Power supply 3 V DC type battery
Dimensions 98 mm×28 mm
Weight 50 g


Using a custom-designed 50W lamp, the KLS-131 gives high power for a small, light and economic unit.


Voltage 12 V DC
Power consumption 80 W
Dimensions 137x53 mm
Weight 0.6 kg

UV Light Source

Powerful UV output makes it ideal for fluorescent testing.
A common non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for crack detection uses dye-penetrate. In this method, dye remains in the cracks after cleaning, which is then observed when it fluoresces under ultra-violet light.
To suit this application and others where ultra-violet light is required, Olympus offers a high power UV light source which is compatible with all light guide cables and fiberscopes. Liquid light guide cables are recommended for best UV results.

(Recommended models are available from our sales representatives)

UHP High Intensity Light Source ILP-2

Bright and compact
The ILP-2 light source has been specifically designed for large void inspections. Incorporating the latest UHP lamp technology it is now the brightest, most powerful light source ever produced by Olympus.


Voltage 100-240 V AC/ 10-15 DC
Power consumption 100 W
Dimensions 166(W)×109(H) ×261(D) mm
Weight 2.9 kg